~ 2020-05 : WFH and WFO ~

~ 2020-05 : WFH and WFO ~

WFO - Work from Office

WFH - Work from Home

Before the virus outbreak getting more serious, some of my office colleagues split into 2 categories.  

Work from Office & Work from Home. 

I am WFO which is okay for me because less crowded on public transport and the road is clear but last Friday 20th March, suddenly I have received a call from my boss said that I must clear from the office by 11 am. 

All workers whois work from office must clear out from the office.  All staff must work from home.   The office must be cleared 100% by 11 a.m. 

I was rushing out with the full mode gear with sanitizer and mask. 

a week later, my government decided to add 2 more weeks on the lockdown as the increase of  Covid-19 patients. 

My Expectation Work from Home








Stay safe everyone and take care.

don't forget to clean yourself well



Fizzy @ WFH


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  • WFH is just the same as WFO haha. It's as busy as we are at the office. This happens mostly for a worker who works by email, phone, and all the things that rely on the internet connection. But people who run operational work like warehouse, logistic, and customer service, maybe different. Working from home same as no work at all :)

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    • Thank you for stopping by Garima Arora  =)

  • Sometimes it is interesting to work from home. Becase I am enjoying to send email to my boss from my home by wearing half pant :p.But yes it is not that much easy. Because in home all the office tools is not available. And sometims it is also difficult to give full concentration from home. Thank you for sharing .

    • It is interesting but only for a short time.. i prefer work from office.  =D

      Thanks for visiting Rajib


  • WFO may not be easy as we expect, because own house has a lot of interesting things. We tend to have our attention attracted to them.

    • indeed WFO is tiring but WFH its harder because we have to discipline ourselves more..   

      thank you for stopping by Tam.  =)

    • Oh, I mistook it. I should have said "WFH may not be easy".

    • totally... =D

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