~ 2020-03 : I Heart You ~

~ 2020-03 : I Heart You ~


I Heart You...

I don't remember when was last time I said those words;  probably Never.

Due to different upbringings,  I never said those words even among my family members.   I guess, we did show it more toward our caring attitude.   We didn't say those 3 magic words, it always makes me shy. 

so I did an experiment via WhatsApp. 




When was last time you said, "Ï Love You" to someone?  This month?  this week? 


Fizzy @ Home


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  • So you put your family to the test? :D    I'm not fond of saying such words also, but it doesn't mean I feel less than the most romantic person. I,d say actions speak louder than words, by other hand no one avoids to hear them :)

    Last time?? Uff.. maybe in an exceptional moment.

    Btw undeniable Fizzy pic, right? 

    • I did.. haha but after i came back from work... no response at all.. we just do our normal routine... lol 

      last chasing the cloud Estanis... 


  • There no culture among us to express this emotions in words, BUT ofcourse we show our love to our love ones in our gestures, in our actions and by practical carings.

    • thats true mishaikh... welcome back to my blog.. hehehe

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