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Sonny likes to lick both her step-parents
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  • Hahaaha!

  • Maybe we will do that:)

  • Roman, have him sterilised! LOL! Males shouldn't fight with females! They must make love withe them!

  • Yes, the same as others, nobody is starving. And also he is the strongest one. And his weight is bigger than weight of other cats. It looks like he is fighting to show that he is the strongest, but sometimes he is fighting even with female cats... And it is fight, not something else... Good that it happens not very often.

  • Luci, dear! Why to eat dad? Sonny is not starving but thanks for giving her some food! LOL!

  • Roman, do you feed him well? Hahaha!

  • Yes Danny, but there are a lot of female cats all around...

  • Why not to eat dad? :D Sonnyyy darling I will bring you sth to eat!!
  • Roman, he needs a female cat for sure! LOL!

  • Hi Danny! What a good family of cats you got! To be honest last days one of my cats in the village became so naughty. He is fighting with each and every cat, even with female cats and young ones...

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