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uncooked meat 3

Uncooked liver, lung. 

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  • Mr dara gino , you are sudanese i surprised   hahahaha  your name is not refere to your country , about the topic you are right that the uncoocked  is not tasty but your comment that it is not healthy i donont think that it is true becasue the animals such as tigers and lions eat uncoocked food and they are alive , i am not a doctor , but for my point of view i support your opinion that ithe unccocked food as " um fifit "  not tasty personally i donot eat it at all ,   thanks and Eid saeed 

    • Wala yahimak ya Muhammed   Magdi. I was only kidding.  First, I am happy to be one of your friends.  Second, you are the  new  generation of young men who change  the future  of our country.                            We use  to eat uncooked meat a lot in the past. Even now, we still do it.   I did not  want My EC members to know about it. They might panic according to my understanding.           Please, extend the greetings of Eid to  your family and friends.  Thanks again.  

  • Main nahi pata, lekin this dish contains sliced pieces of the liver, the lung, and the stomach.  There are no any sausages there, only onion and some spices. If it comes to sausages, I like that kind of meat and everybody eats that kind of meat. The organs which I had mentioned were not cooked. Thanks, Enchanted prince for your comment on that dish.

  • I ador the food.. But don't like to eat sausage meat. 

    • Bahut shukriya Enchanted Prince!  Most of these items are inside the stomach. With the exception of the lungs which are inside the chest and the onion. Once more, thanks for your nice comment. 

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Duzha dyakuyu Lena! I am really happy to be one of your friends. When I was giving my answer to my friend, Mr. Tam from Japan, I tried to be conservative. I have been trying to hold some traditional attitudes. Nevertheless, people understand. I am referring to my recent discussion entitled Uncooked Meat.

      Just before your reply, my friend Mohamed Magdi burst or rather shattered violently everything.  I have to admit that we eat uncooked meat in our country. Once more, thanks for your nice comment and thanks for your add, too.

  • hello , my friend i really donot like uncoocked food , but in my country sudan lots of people eat it and love it very much , you can say most of my coutry love it speciallly the meat of cheap 

    • Fadahtana ya Mohamed Magdi! Lol! The raw meat is not tasty like the cooked one. It is even delicious and most of us like it. As you said, we eat uncooked meat in our country. Some of us have many diseases because of that. By the way, Madgi, I hope to be one of your friends, may I? Thanks for your comment on that photo.

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