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The Steam Train

It only departs on special dates such as Independence Day, or on Holidays. Last year I bought tickets for my family and it was pleasantly amusing! My mum remembered old times and my brother and I had a new experience to recollect in the future.
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  • Thank you for explanation, Ishtar!

    I just didn't know that coal's smoke is always so dark:)

  • Hi Roman :) The smoke is dark because of the coal, that is the combustible used to produce the steam.
    Since this particular train only departures as a tourist attraction, and not to actually transport people from one point to another, it only have 3 or 4 passenger carriages, and when the rail winds and the wind blows in the direction of the carriages we can definitely smell the coal smoke, and see the smoke inside the carriage, and see how it stains the windows.
    In the old times there were a lot more carriages, since the steam train was the only means of transportation between cities and villages. and there were high and low classes carriages, and I reckon the low class carriages were the ones that received the most smoke. Or that's what I thought while on the train. 

  • Hi Ishtar!

    Yes, it is really nice old thing!

    I wonder why is that smoke always so dense and dark. And also tell me please, if the passengers can smell the smoke, during the journey?

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Wonderful moment! The steam train is just matched Onee's photo challenge perfectly. :)

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