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Thanks to all the participants who joined this month's teaser. This month, we have many psychos...People in the photo:jenny, anele, Tetyana Sudyma, Sahar, nida, lin zhen zhen, Suhaib, thuonghuynh, Dream, manal alaoui, Natalia Dian, ACOR, Valentine, Naveed for you™, Junko, Josef Essberger, Ario R, ghalia swed, sarmin85, Penny, Dewan, tawfeeq, Abhi.......Congratulations!You are a complete psycho!Malicious and evil.You use violence and intimidationto achieve your aims.You may have the tendencynot to think things through.But hey!Who’s going to argue with you?
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  • By the way, fotgot to say. Bcoz nobody gave the correct answer, I don't want to decide who is the leader. Though, there were good answers, so I let you to choose your leader ;)

  • haha :) I see a leadership conflict between Naveed and Anele! go on my psychos kekeke

    PS. Thanks for your psychic answer Anele!

  • But who is the leader.. the psycho master.. ??

  • You impressed me again.....I like your picture....My part  was so small.... but you inspired me to be more firm....Who's going to argue with me?.......

  • Jenny, I will be looking forward to seeing you ;)

    Thuong, Why are you jealous? You are covered so you won't catch a cold hehe :)))

  • Junko-chan!

    You deny or not, you are in the psycho club! kekeke

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