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Umrah in Ramadan

Umrah in Ramadan.
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  • ma shah Allah, i wish to Allah to accept your umrah

  • Assalamu alaykum Victor! Taaraf ya Victor, Umrah fi Ramadan, taadil hajja  People are coming from different parts of the world to perform Umrah. especially, during these last ten days of the holy month. Thanks for your nice comments. 

  • very nice my dear ! 

  • may god bless you

  • Halet chetore! Inshaa Allah Hamzah, just intend and Allah, the almighty will let it be. Thanks Hamzah, and happy new year.
  • God bless you and pray for me to visit the Holy Mecca and Medina(in sha allah)

  • professor.. please explain me that umrah

  • i hope to visit mecca too ..... i hope that u had anice time there !

  • subhanallah
    Oh Allah when can I do Umrah?
    I hope I can go Umrah soon
    please pray for me Karkub
  • Maa Shaa Allah

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