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I am always amazed by the colors of nature! Nature is like an expert painter who chooses its best and prodigious colors and mixes them with unfathomable wisdom.Here we can see four different shades of green in the same piece of ground and that fits perfectly with the purple bush. There is no painter like nature!!!!
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  • magic!

  • Thank you all for your comments!! 

  • absolutely

  • Amo la naturaleza, Janeth! I love nature and I love those who love nature, too. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you, Janeth!

    I will try to do it :)

  • I agree with you Roman, we have to improve a lot to reach the advanced level.  But in my opinion you are already at the intermediate level. Here we can find an excellent quiz to test our level.  Have a great day!

  • Thank you, Janeth!

    I just don't know, what to choose :)

    Is my level of English intermediate? Because I don't feel like reaching the upper-intermediate level of English.

    I still have to improve a lot to reach the advanced level of English.

  • Hi Roman!  Great tittle for that picture!  And you are right, if we see that picture carefully we can find more shades of green!

    PD:  By the way Roman I really believe that your level of English is more advanced than pre-intermediate.  You are doing a great job here! Keep it up!

  • Hi Janeth!

    I would call this picture "The Corner of Happiness"

    That bush looks magnificent!

    And I counted 5 shades of green color there :)

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