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From My Sketchbook

Some of them you might have already seen if you check my previous ID... anyway it is another hobby that of mine, now I feel I have tons of free time to waste on these things lol
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  • Well, I still don't understand, how can it help:))) 

    But ok, good that it helps you.

  • Yes they do, it is like meditation, stopping all thoughts and focusing on one thing, most part of my last sketchbook got filled during exams : ))

  • Roma these all are from my new sketch book there are a few I did not included but there were two more old sketchbooks, the very first one got smashed and went in bin another one is still at home but I can't take pics of it as I am away... 

  • Then show your other works please :D

    And does it really help to decompress?

    I think drinking water helps to decompress...

  • Thanks Laboni, I am sure you have something else that you are good at and I would not in that one :)

  • Thanks Roma, I most of time do it during holidays or when I need to decompress :D 

  • nice hobby...I like it but I can't do it..
  • Hi Muskan!

    Your pictures are cool! Especially that picture in the left upper corner!

    Where did you find those tons of free time?????

  • Thanks Kal for appreciation :) 

  • A great hobby.

    I love drawings.Your pictures are a beautiful and you are a talented artist.

    Thanks for sharing!

    (But actually,I hate smoking)

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