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Brutally honest

Some people describe themselves as "blunt" and take pride in being "brutally honest" with people as though it is a good quality to have (e.g. Chef Ramsay). I love this quote by Elizabeth Gilbert on this subject.
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  • Once I watched a TV play on local channel in which the father who was brutally honest was sent to the mental hospital by his own kids!

  • I preferred a person who's brutally honest to me than a fake one who always lie just to comfort me.
  • Tara, I think there is no difference between a kid who wants to be a chef and an adult who wants too. We should do what we think we made for and it doesn't matter when we wana achieve our goals. Trying is the most important point I think...

  • I agree with you, Tara.

    I love both the quote and the handwriting. I wonder if there's such thing as 'English calligraphy'. Oops, I deviated from the topic. 

  • Strictness makes a person cold, no matter if he/she is right. Totally agree with your quote, the key is softening it.
    Btw, we have the Spanish version of Chef Ramsay (maybe a copy) and he acts similar to him although, don't know why but he has charisma.
  • Interesting, Behrad. It's funny because Chef Ramsay also has a show for kid chefs, and he's much nicer to them (uses softened honesty). My kids always ask why he's nicer to the kids than he is to the adults. This is a great topic for discussion. Not everyone will agree with me that it's important to be both kind and honest. :) 

  • Hey Tara, I searched about this guy "Chef Ramsay"... here is a link about his behavior:

    I don't want to judge about him but his last behavior was... was not good...

    Actually I saw a movie about being brutally honest, "Whiplash", the the main star( J.K Simmons, who won the Oscar prize for his wonderful performance) is a brutal honest! He is a music teacher and we can see how one of his students tries to show him that how much he is talented in jazz... Here is one of the teacher's ideas:

    2643498910?profile=originalLong comment! Anyway... nice photo Tara...

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