Arif tweeted
Mar 22, 2022
The best lesson I've learnt in my life. The bright future waits for you, but you unnecessary stick with the past. Just need to move on

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  •      My friend, on one hand, no one can deny that who we are now is because of our past. But, on the other hand, no one can deny that we left parts of ourselves there, against our will. Yes, I agree with you that, our life will be more magnificent, just, when we can separate ourselves from some painful parts of it, which hampers our visions. So, it is a must to make a choice to walk away from its traps that are set to ensnare us. Separate from them and the result of our actions will be a life of success. Although, it needs a very hard efforts, but it deserves the try. God bless you my friend.  

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