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Writing Challenge: Advice from the Time

Hi, I am very proud to be called the Time and happy to be as precious and valuable as money and gold. I was born before human being appeared and I don’t know how old I am as well as how old I will be. Human being knows how important I am but they often misuse me. Today, I would like to give you three advices about how to use me properly.

1.     I will never return. Do budget me properly.  

I often hear you say that “I will do that tomorrow” or “I will do it later because I have much time”. Uhm, as a human being, you often have many other priorities and it is easy for one thing become the last item on your to-do list or become a never done item. Have you ever regretted missing something? Have you ever wished time would had returned even once for you to do again? I, time am allocated equally to each person so take your time and you are the only person who will make time.

2.     I run fast. Do start right now.

I will never wait for you otherwise there will never be a perfect Time. There is only now. Everything will become easier with careful preparations. Try to think that one year from now, you’ll only be wishing that you started to do one year earlier. So do not delay, start right now. You call me gold, money…should not waste your gold, your money any more.

3.     I am a “limit”. Do achieve your ideal work/life balance.

Human life is the most complicated world I have ever know. In this world, you always live with happiness, love, care or sometimes it may be sadness, hate, revenge…. I-Time was born with a simple message to bring happiness to you. Let be really to think about the future and remember the past, take your time to have rest properly. Let love as never be loved, work as never worked due to…..I am a limit.

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