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6.36 p.m.

             I was driving . I stopped at the red signal . There was nothing to do then I  looked at green grass along a road moving like strong waves in the sea . Trees were been shaking by the strong wind . The sky was grey . I was waiting for green traffic light . My car moved after the green light shone . Suddenly it rained . After the rain , I saw the first rainbow at 6.36 pm . It was 167 days of 2016 till the first rainbow showed up here .

             That was the perfect 180 degree rainbow curve which I saw unexpectedly for the first time in 2016 after hot summer days .

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If a flower were a princess , a balloon flower would be Cinderella . Why ? Because the blue petals remind me of Cinderella in her gorgeous blue gown. 

The flower doesn't need magic to be beautiful like Cinderella who is changed from a dress in rags to gorgeous blue gown . It needs only sunlight and water and can remain beautiful all through the night not just at midnight .

At the beginning ,the flower bud is a hollow balloon .

Then finally the bud is burst and opened . All petals unfold like a blue night gown . They are as lovely as their names . I like to call it " Balloonrella "

I would love to read your idea about if a flower were a princess , which princess would be what flower ?

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