• Winter season sounds more popular. I also dream of playing snow even though we have winter, yet snow would be seen on some top of the high mountains when humidity and temperature cooperate well. In general, how many months do you have during dry and wet season, respectively?

  • Hi, my favorite season is Winter, I was born in this season and i like it a lot, in this season you can walk with your beloved under the rain (it's so romantic) in the cold weather you should hug your Love to become warm

  •      Hi friends, really I like Winter Season, in particular, I like the sound of rain drops, it seems like a nice music, its sound rise and lower with the speed of the wind which makes a lovely piece of music. And the amazing smell which cover the atmosphere after the rain, it is a combination of nice smiles come from wet grass or wet trees or wet sand or even from wet clothes, really it is stunning smil. Thanks.


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