• I think the best way to learn and not forget after a short time is to write from where u got the word.I mean if it is from some movie or a book u should write their names and also the sentence or phrase in which the word was used.I do in this way.

  • hi! i use to read all the comments where people have their views and opinions.Reading books and memorizing it is very difficult, if you don't use it in your conversation.As learner what i feel is using those bombastic words in our communication is quite difficult,cause when you communicate with someone u will use those simple English and not those vocabulary .yes! i do agree watching English movies,T.v shows with subtitle will also help a lot.

    Happy learning!!

    Thank you.

  • Well, I usually read a lot in English and write down all the new words. When I have a little time, write my word map (a word tree) with the related words (opposite, similar words, etc.). Another way to improve my vocabulary and learn new words is seeing some movies in English with English subtitles. Then I stop the movie, check new words and try to memorise them. And listen and listen again movies so I am able to understand every word better in the end.

    Really, I feel lucky because of my new job. I work for an Indian company and write features and interviews in English. So it is a good opportunity to improve my English more.

    And, of course, I can improve English, following English Club....
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