The body is the hero

Hello guys,

   I was chatting earlier today and someone told me that science must be considered the hero of our time mainly when it comes to our immune system. Thenceforth, I decided to post exactly what I have learned from the past few days and I hope this will help you to understand more about our body .

  With a circulatory system such as we have, we cartainly need protection. And it is there, a group of chemical protectors and microbial killers so quick and so powerful that, in spite of our size, our circulatory system, and all our human mistakes , we survive.

 This remarkable system of protection is within us. It is provided by the antibodies that patrol our circulation, by the white cells and lymphocytes that guard our tissues, by all the other elements that make up our body's immune system .

  To cure a disease you must help the body to do it itself. The work is done by the body, not by science, not by antibiotics. Antibiotics only buy time . They fight microbes, they retard their growth, they may even kill a few; but in the end it is the body itself that must clean up the battlefield, find and destroy that last resistant microbe.

  All the drugs and technical achievements in infectious diseases have done nothing more than help the body's own immune system .They give us time, the precious time to mount a defense, but nothing more. The body is the hero.

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