There are some words in English that are used to make many phrases. `Take` is one of them. This we understand when we start using dictionary. Here are some `take` phrases.1. To take advantage of: (remember `to` phrases can be converted into 12 tenses. This can be always practiced). e.g: (1) The thief took advantage of the situation and ran away. (2) People generally take advantage of ignorance of illiterate people.2. To take a back seat: to accept lower position, to lag behind. e.g: (1) Since I was not prepared for the contest, I took a back seat during the event. (2) My friend has developed the habit of taking a back seat to support his friends.3. To take care of: (to help, support): e.g (1) Mother takes care of her child up to certain age. (2) Each one of us must take care of our own health. (3) Good people have been taking care of bad people.4. To take aback: (surprise): e.g: (1) I was taken aback (remember this is passive voice, this phrase is mostly used through passive voice) by the results of my friend, who scored first class, as he never use to pass in exams. (2) We were taken aback by our prime minister's decision to step down.5. To take into account - consider for certain decision or actions. e.g (1) While learning English one has to take into account many factors. (2) He did not took into account the importance of mathematics and failed in competitive exams.Enjoy many more `take` phrases by referring to dictionary.

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