Roll up your sleeves

Hello, lets try to understand  the idioms. The meaning of idioms is quite different than  the actual meaning of words used.

Roll up  your sleeves means to get to work. It also means readiness to take on the task. We can easily visualize this. It  happens in our day today life.  Suppose we are wearing a shirt  with full  sleeves and we are about to lift something which is heavy, we roll up / pull up our sleeves first and then lift..Ex -guys, roll up your  sleeves to practice better Englishh.

This idiom can also be written as `to roll up one's sleeves` in phrase form. Any phrase with one's in it, this `one's` is replaced by my,his, her, our, your, their etc. ex- I  saw no one was coming forward to solve  the problem, so i rolled up my sleeves and started working on it.

so, pull up your sleeves now to write comment on this.


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  • Thank you sakshi, this is what is the real use of any group, get into actions..enjoy !

  • Thanks, Teacher Sunil. I've rolled up my sleeves to learn new idioms.

    • Good nida, very sincere student ! Keep it up.

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