New IELTS Listening: Effects of Tourism


1. Boon: benefit; advantage. 

2. Bridge the gulf: reduce the distance between things, such as attitudes.

3. Consequences: basic beliefs that affects other ideas or views.

4. Easy money: money that takes little efforts or work to get.

5. Grasping: greedy; selfish.

6. Hideousness: ugliness.

7. Intercepted: stopped something before it reached its destination or target.

8. Mindsets: attitudes; definite ways of thinking about the world.

9. Monstrous shells: large empty places.

10. Poison the minds: cause people to think bad or undesirable thoughts.

11. Positive side of the ledger: the positive aspects; pros.

12. Raise awareness: make people aware of an issue that is important.

13. Trinkets: jewelry; ornaments.

14. Unwittingly: without being aware; unknowingly.

15. Virtuous circle: process that creates more positive things.


The listening questions and definitions of difficult words can be downloaded from:
The talk you will listen to is similar to what you will hear in the IELTS Listening Exam. Someone talking about the positive and negative effects of global tourism. Answer the questions on the screen while you listen. In the second half of the video the recording will be played again, but with the words of the talk and the answers appearing as you listen.

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