• want to participate in class that you create. This is very good idea and very precious for who want to improve their english skill. So, please add me my skype in your group , my skype id is - kyaw139 . Thank you !

  • i want improve my speaking skills...

    my skype id : naresh.kotha5

  • hello,I'd like to join us in class. you can send a message about it

  • skype

  • Madam I want to listen ur Skype class my skype I'd saragadamjagadeesh12 & my email I'd is
  • Skype : diwanfingga

    Email : diwanfingga(at)

    Can't wait to join the class

  • Madam I want to improve my English reading & speaking skills , I am willing to join your skype I'd is saragadamjagadees12 & my email I'd is saragadamjagadeesh028gmail
  • name is swamy. ..i would like to participate in your classes. ..hope you will add me. ..

    my skype id:: M.N.R.V SWAMY

    my mail id::

  • Hi, here is my skype ID, azeam.omer


  • sandy58884;;;;  skype id

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