actually i was finding a way to tell my feeling about the class of teacher Aija ,that i have joined it about  4 weeks ago . i was thinking hard that what do i have to do to say all member here that they are losing the best things in English club so just click on discussion:)" this is the easiest way (ha ha ha )

so this is my first experience to be  such as  class and i havent been before .but i just wanna tell you all that  dont  have a chance for to be in this class hey guys , it is wonderful class and itis really useful besides we have lots of fun .

our  teacher is incredible she is really kind and help us and make our mistake correct the best way that  she can. OH i just wanna tell you Miss Aija thanks for  helping us ,thanks for take your valuable time for teaching us without any exception .it is really kind of you and i really cant translate how much i am thankful to you about this class my lovely teacher and these flowers are for you :)"


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  • after this incredible praise of this class and i am sure it worth i feel so much interested to get in it would anybody help me to join this class ? 

  • hello can i join miss Aija class..plz help am new here...hope u will guide me in this regard.

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    • how can i get skype conversation withh all of u :(

  • Those words are such greatful. I know teacher Aija since she has been teaching at International English Learning and I found her one of the best teachers ever.

    I feel very proud to be part of her team work.



  • Hello bothaina

    u dont know how much i shy when see these words here ,and you have to be very nice woman who tell me something like this thanks a lot ,you know we have a sentence in our country that said if you see me beautiful ,it is becuze of your kind heart :)"

  • :) Thanks so much Sima :) I'm really glad to read this message from you :) and I'm glad You're so happy :) 

    We create this together so let's keep going 

  • sima you are just kind, nice and beautiful person seeing the whole world from your beautiful eyes.I didn't yet get introduced to you but i've just heard about you.
  • Thanks, sima
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