• madaway;

    Thank you for wishes!

    1000 years?!! we say in our culture 1oo year! and it seems a lot! :)

    I wish the depth of our lifetime be so much more than its longevity.

     You too, live a long life in wealthy healthy moments.


  • Is it Adlet birthday too?!!
    Oh... Very nice!
    Happy birthday Adlet :)
  • Adlet!

    It is not acceptable, you are advertising Mcdonald's burger my by name's letter M!!! it is abusing my birthday and my name's letter,....! hahahahah


     If I have this burger  , then what will happen? uh, I don't like it if it's made by Worm! :O

    I prefer KFC!! :))

    All kidding!

    Thanks for it! specially arranged name there was so nice.

    images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQPhtZUkvR-yYVY_lsIXdO-Gz6J2bew3Wy7sP3vjAiE1P-0GzQIby the way!

    seems that today is your birthday too.

    so, I call a dance group for you!6cd02ec8009ac8230bec742312490aeb.gif

  • Sahar jan,

    my loveable sis, thank you honey.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRHcFf4mXmtKveETy7jkpGnESGC4qzaQ2S2OxATUa48NIXgUW7p

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