Birth gift for misters!

as a girl what do you prepare for your Dad's birthday?

as a wife what about you, what do arrange for your darling's birthday?

as a sister, do you know what your bother anticipates to get?

and you as a gentleman, what do you like to receive in your birthday?

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  • I like myself to receive books as gifts, it can be best one.

    But my husband is not in books, I know that. the only volumes that in all these years I saw in his hands was English in trip, car magazine (khodro Kalayab), and newspapers ads whenever he wanna change his car. :(

    • Sahar, when 19th Tir, comes
    • 19th Tir is 2 weeks later!

      It is on July 10th

    • Mahgol's Birthday!

      19th Tir!

      We must buy Books for her as her birthday Gift!


  • on this Thursday is my Hubby's birthday! I really do not know what should I do.

    seems gifts for women is easier to get till for men! :)

    • Oh!


      How about Scarf, SHAL GARDAN?!

      Do you know how to weave?

      You can buy a blue and orange woolen and start to weave it with love :)

      It will be fantastic gift!


    • for my hubby?

      uh, he never uses shall (shawl)! you said ! Exactly last year I bought him a withe weaving shirt and I set it with a nice gray,black shawl which youth wear, but I could not prevail upon him ( convince him ) to wear it with its shirt. when he worn it, my daughter and I shout of happiness and encouraged him that how much the shawl is fitted , but as we wanted to leave the home, he took it off. hahhaha.

      yet winter is left, He promised to wear it, it is now in his car. hahhahah

    • :)

  • sahar jan!

    Thanks. I should not forget your birthday, when was it? in June,ya? from now I will search flowers. ;)

    • 27th Khurdad = 17th June!!

      I can't wait to have my lovely gift!


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