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Okey Folks! Let's try this thing. I want you to pick a music video that is very known in your country or internationally. Share it here, make a cover and comment. It is like throwing point of views or reactions to that music video. If you can translate it into English that would be totally cool. We know that music lyric is also full of idioms, phrases even slang words. For that, we can broaden our vocabularies. Am I right? 

Learning is fun if you are much interested with it. So, Music lovers come and join. Let's see what music in store to us.

Whatever genres of music is accepted. I know we have different taste in music. What are you waiting for let's roll from town to town.

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  • Have you heard this Dance Music from a Korean Rapper? You won't believe it is really popular now. Even Britney Spears want to learn this kind of dance steps. And Ooooppppsss,she did it! I watched it in Ellen Generes show dancing with that Korean artist. The artist taught Spears and Ellen the dance step. He said it is like you are riding in a horse. It is really hilarious and sounds crazy dance step but it made him popular. I remember that day while I was waiting for the bus, I saw teenagers dancing that Gangnam style. They made me smile and indeed they are good dancer. Wish I could do that hahahaha. No more SWAG dance 

    If somebody is from Korean, would you please translate this song. I want to know what the song meant. Don't forget to give your views. Thanks everyone!

    Till next week...........

    • News this week talks about Gangnam Style.. Hoping he could translate it in ENGLISH. Let's hear if  would break the Gangnam Style original.

      Here's the link for the news.

      Read it and also participate in News casting.


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