• Smoking is not a thing at all,in my opinion.The best solution is never touch the cigeretes.Once you are addicted to smoking,it hard to get rid of it.

    So let us keep health all the time.

    Hope every perpon who enjoys smoking one day can live a healthier life.

  • I think YES.

    That's a fact that smoking has bad effect more than good effect. Becuse of that, actually in my belief, smoking is forbidden, but many people do not realize it, or do not care about it, may be. Besides that, let's imagine if we don't smoke.

    We can help to decrease the global warming, right? And we can save our money and spend it for something more useful, and the most important is we can save ourselves and the other people of course, because if you smoke it means that you kill people arround you little by little. And people who use drugs, mostly they're smoker.

    So I think that smoking give us so many bad effects. We have to put


    in each our heart! And we have to strengthen our faith!


    I really do not understand , why do people smoke? Can't they read? In each advertisement, each package of cigarette, there're words "Smoking can cause cancer, blablabla...."?

    Therefore, I really do agree if the government prohibit smoking.


    I'm sorry for my late to give the comment, I have a trouble with EC.

    Thank you very much for attention.



    Sauqi Nur Alifan Zaelani

    XII IPA 1


  • No doubt smoking is harmeful.Media , which have the great influency on people everywhere,should play its expected role to warn and tell people how smoking is unhealthy
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    • that's absolutely right. thanks
  • Yes, Of Course .
    I think it is a must for us.
    Smoking isn't good after all , is it ?
    Smoking only causes a heavy damage to ourself and another people who inhale the smoke from it . I always regard that smoking is a very bad habbit which it can kill ourself slowly, but sure.

    So, it will be better if the government prohibit that 'bad habbit' to build a healthy citizens
    • i agree with you thanks for your comment
  • I think that's a good idea. I'm Indonesian. In indonesia,
    most people are smoking everywhere and everytime and it disturbs people who not
    smoking included me.

    According to information, 13.63% of smokers start smoking from age of 7 years.
    Based on surveys Department of Health, about 141.44 million people, meaning
    there are about 1.92 million children aged 7 to 18 who become smokers

    too bad T_T

    Arief Rahman S
    XII IPA 2
    • thanks for giving a comment...
  • Actually if government want to stop smoking, should be the first step is eradication for manufacture of cigarretes. Because the name is an addiction is hard to be stopped, therefore the material that makes addiction should be eliminated.
  • Hi there! actually its my first time post a comment here ^^

    I just want to share my thought about smoking. I agree due to the other said that the government can't prohibit smoking. but I think the government should make a firm rules that people can't smoke in the public area or public transportation.
    in my country, some department stores keep a place for smokers. and I'm so grateful that they've set it. so that smokers have their own place to smoke and not disturb the other, since I'm not a smoker too.

    last, I hope smokers can understand how dangerous smoking is for our body ^^

    best regard,
    Galuh Rahayu Putri
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