• My ID according FB, it's Novi Kumalasari. Please add me. Thanks

  • I want to joint your group. Could you please tell me your ID

    • Please send your ID into my inbox

  • Send me in a message, if you don't want to write it here!

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    • Give your skype ID again please..

  • Hello everyone... Girls, I have added you all on skype! Just check your skype please! 

    Guys, I am sorry, but for me I don't talk with men who I don't know, so I made this group just for girls, if you want a group for girls and boys, simply, you can create one! For me, I want it to be ONLY for girls!

    Thank you for your understanding! 


  • Yesss!

  • hi all

    I want to join the group ,please anyone help me..

    • Just give me your Skype ID and I will add you!

  • erfan.aroof

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