Hello everyone,

well, where to start. First of all thanx to those few people who posted their records last time and secondly - sorry to say this but again I can't see any rational reason why some of you joined this group. Look how many members are here and how many people posted their records. I created this group for one reason - to help people who want to practise English, who want to get some self-confidence and here they have opportunity to enhance it by reading or speaking. Anyway, if you are not interested guys, no problem to stop it.

I would be glad, if more of you posted their records and if more of you also would leave comment for those who wait for your feedback. We are here to help each other and we have awesome chance, so please think about it.

This time I got inspired by EC member Dimas who suggested.. well, what do you think Dimas was able to suggest, ha? :-D yes, you are right... FOOD since he is such Food Lover. I was thinking and thinking and why not?


As I have already mentioned the topic is FOOD. Try to say something about relationshiop between you and food. You can for example share with us:

What is the typical dish in your country? Do you like visiting restaurants or do you prefer homemade food? Can you cook? Are you vegetarian? Do you eat at home all together? Do you have any special habits as for eating, serving food etc? Are there fat people in your country? Do you check what you eat? Do you follow healthy life style? Are you gourmet or food is just something what is not so important for you? Have you ever been on diet? Is there anything you would never eat? I guess it is enough ... but you don't need to answer everything, I just wanted to inspire you little bit, you can talk about what you want related to Food :-)


Now, it’s not a dish for everyone, certainly not for those afraid of bugs, but one small Mexico restaurant is offering up a new food challenge – tacos with insect toppings!Yeah, La Cocinita de San Juan even has a full list of Mexican-style tacos with wild menu items such as scorpions and spiders. And they really are wild, says restaurant owner Pedro Hernandez.

“It’s really hard to catch them. They’re wild, so there are people who are in charge of going into the hills to go and lift up the rocks and uncover them in the weeds. You have to be really careful when you grab them because the scorpions, if they sting you, those little scorpions will send you to hospital.”

So, how do you get your customers to eat something they would normally send back to the kitchen? Well, apparently some of the dishes are easy to disguise.

“Scorpion doesn’t have a very characteristic flavour, really. It’s the preparation that really gives it a characteristic flavour. Then, they’ll eat it. Because otherwise, they’ll say, ‘No wait, I’m not going to eat a scorpion,’ then seeing it all prepared, they eat it and say, ‘Well, it’s good.’”

Well, we don’t know about you, but we’d rather stick to a burger!


Difficult words: topping (something you put on top of food), wild (something that lives in nature AND something that is very exciting and strange), weed (wild plant), grab (take), disguise (make look or taste like something different), send back to the kitchen (tell the restaurant you don’t want to eat something because it has something disgusting in it), stick (pick something familiar or normal).

Funny and interesting article, don't you think so? This is the source and you can read more news there:


Thank you for posting your records in advance and please



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  • Dimas, you are progressing so fast!!

  • Hi ! Here are my recordings.It took me two weeks to conquer my laziness, Luci, sorry for my late reply.  https://audioboom.com/boos/2745380-food and https://audioboom.com/boos/2745396-food-and-me

  • I would like to thank you for this brilliant group.

    I am a new here and I hope this will be useful experience for me and you all.

    Please I would be glad to receive your advice and opinions.

    Here is my recording

    sorry for the mispronunciation of the Spanish words :P at least tried my best^^

    Thank you in advance


    • I guess you talk very fast in your native language...:)) Anyway, I like your reading.

    • people always complain that I talk very fast and too low  :) but I don't see myself as a fast speaker in English. Thank you for your reply. By the way, I think you did well also.

  • My reading https://audioboom.com/boos/2735948-task6reading

    • Well done, Jesson!

  • Hellooooo guys,

    finally I am here with my record about FOOD so check it out:


    Carp and potato salad


    Bramborák :-) made of potatoes

    2390730323?profile=originalPalak Paneer (hope Indians won't kill me for this) :-D


    • hello Luci
      Mmm , It's delicious dishes that you mention to it , you make me hungry , Thank you for recording .

    • Thank you for nice wrods, student :-) hope you have already eaten sth :-D

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