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HiI am Sebastian form Warsaw. I am a student now. I am 19.What can I say more? In my opinion my life is suck, because it is determined aims, outcomes, skills.As I said, I am 19, and what are my abilities? Nothing.. I am no one..I would like to rise my self-esteem. I want to show what my value is.One of steps is improving my english by writing something about myself, about my life, about world around me. I intend to write every day, and i hope, this form of conversation in english will help me:DMake comments, i would like to talk with you..I have to dash;/Pozdrawiam!

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  • Hey Hi Hello:)
    What's up my english friends?;P
    we've got 7PM, almost 8 M and I havent even started doing my homework from my school..
    And guess what I have to do, deliver to my lecturer...
    I am bound to do a technical drawing on Thursday.
    I dont have any idae, what it is, and how to do this.

    Today question for you: Why for nonenglish people is so hard to learn properly english?

  • Yupi!

    I love weekend, even if I waste my time doing everything than what I ought to do;)
    Before the weekend started, i had assumed that it would be nice, if i spend some time studing.
    Cross my heart, I didn't touch any book, didnt acquaint with any notebook..
    Yeah, I see I am going to go to school prepared xD
    Umm... On Saturday, I was sleeping to 12 Am, and then I was waiting to meeting with my girlfriend:)
    And here first time I mentioned that I "have" a girl.
    She name is Monica. She is in the same age as me, that is 19. Monica is a girl of medium high, with brown, curly hair, brown eyes and beautiful smile. I do love her. And why?
    She is a brilliant, sensitive person, who knows what want, what she can afford.
    When I see her smile, momentally, I am in a seventh heaven..
    I hope that she loves me too^^

    I have to dash, because i have a appoinment at 11 Am,

  • I can not say that today was a good day.
    I wanted stay a little more time in my bad, and it was my fail. Like everyone i enjoy having a lie-in. It took me 20 minutes, which i didnt forsee that. These lie-in caused my late at school. It was really suck, while i was going inside lecture hall and everybody looked at me..
    I had 4 lectures today, which were quite good. These lectures made me in good mood.
    Having arrived at home i was happy. When I was there, I wasnt for two reasons. One is that I live in four-people family and we live in very small house. the second one is that in my house was about 10 dudes.. My brother had invited them..
    Yeah, i am writing this words and around myself are 10 happy chivs making a party...
    Life is brutal

    Sorry for my English skill. I write here my thoughts because I want to improve my english by using it, writing here.
  • Hi,
    My name's Yu. I'm a student too. But i'm 20.
    Well ... it seems that we have something in common .
    I live without goals, dreams, ....
    I dont have any plans for the future.
    Sometimes, i feel bored ... but i cant do anything or cant know what i should do.
    Life makes me tired.
    I'm getting much more lazier than before.
    And i have a bit of regret whenever i think about my family.

    Have a gud time!
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