face to face lies!


Face to Face lies !!

Facebook? House of LieS!

About one out of every four Facebook users lies

Facebook abuses users, lies for money. , .....

And Lies, demand Lies

should we believe words ? is it important?

in our new world of social networks ; Facebook, twitter,..

how should detect lies?!

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  • I guess it's like real world. There's lies all over the place, why wouldn't them be on social networks too? That's why our mamas told us to not speak to strangers, and that's what you find on social nets, handfuls of strangers. And just like in real life, you've got to be careful, because in real life sometimes people that you thought you knew, deceives you, why would do it someone you just don't know well?
    Just keep your eyes open and consider that not everybody likes to be nice.

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