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Once upon a time I had a large collection of useful websites to assist learners of English.  I guess it is time I dusted off that collection.  I also have a huge collection of books although not all will be available.  I'll try to figure out which I think are the cream of the crop.


First share is:  This site was originally a free resource to help people improve their English and it is still free although they now publish "The Blue Book of Grammar" also.




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  •        My friend, we all value your efforts to improve our English language. Thanks a lot for giving us a part of your precious time. God bless you.

  • Thanks for sharing useful and helpful sites to make us more comprehend about English very well. If you have ielts or toefl mock free test site. It is more preferable too. We will have more preferences who suitable for us to practice and learn English very well

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