Express Yourself

There are thousands of phrases and expressions in the English language. Learning them enhances your chances to sound more natural. It also increases your vocabulary, too. You could impress your friends by using them correctly.

Let's learn them together under this page. Share what you've learned by defining them and giving some examples. Write them on the comment section below.

If you can't think of an example, here's a vocab reference link to get you started.

Here are my examples:

All the Best

- to wish someone good luck when you're saying goodbye.

All the best, Teacher Tara! Thank you for all the great things you've done in our club.

Use your Loaf 

- an old-fashioned slang but still being practiced today. It means to use your head or brain to do the right thing

- to think about things before you do them, otherwise you'll make silly mistakes (from the BBC)

Use your loaf whenever you're charging your gadgets. Don't leave them unattended whereas overcharged them. Their batteries might get damaged.

Now, it's your turn. Express yourself in English!

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