• My "journey" of learning English started when I was 11 (eleven) years old and went to 5-th grade. And it's not finished because I keep learning new things, new words :)

    I am practicing my English almost every day communicating with my friends from different counties! 

    • Oh, Really? I admire you.

      You know, I was born in the village. It mean : I could not study English until I came to my university. It was too late. I was married when I was young, became mother...and hhhh....the work took me so much time. Now, my Kids grown up. I can come back my school, but..hihihi...again hubby doesn't like it. He told : "You're old. You must be ashamed if you become your daughter's classmate"..OMG....

    • It's never too late to learn something. You can do it all the time :) I'm proud of You so keep going and don't give up 

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