Week 8a: Monday, 27 October 2014

(1) Discussion of the movie, The Ron Clark story

In the class on Monday, students can give a short oral review of the movie in small groups (with some random feedback to the class), but for your comments here, I want you to concentrate on a few questions:

1. What lesson(s) did you learn from the movie?

2. How would you describe Mr Clark (what kind of teacher is he)?

3. What impressed you the most of this movie (or what was the most interesting or exciting to you)?

(2) Identity: Picture association in small groups for discussion.

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  •  From the movie ,I learned that we should understand the teacher's work, we should study hard and believe in ourself.I think Clark is a very special teacher. He believed in himself, and believed his students can make a different change. He paid a lot of time and energy, and still been bullied by the students.But he did not give up his students.Finally, they all achieved success.I think he is a great man.
    • I agree, Zheng Chunyu, he set an example which all teachers should follow. But of course, that is not so easy! Mr Clark was one of a kind, I think; a very special teacher. To copy him would be a huge task for many other teachers (including myself - I have too many shortcomings as a person!). But it would remain a great challenge and those of us who know about such great teachers, should really strive to at least come closer to that!

  • From the movie,i learn a lot of things.It let me think the relation between teachers and students can become the friendship(we can play a joke,help to each other and so on).We don't give up anything if we really want to achieve it.We must try to do it.As the sayings that:Where there is a will,there is a way.Only we believe us,we can have more power to do it.

    • Yes Helen, I also think the relationships between teachers and their students can improve so that they can rather be regarded as friends than the usual authoritative figure (teacher) and lower beings (students!). Teachers would be nothing without students! We should appreciate our students more!

  • After seeing the film,the great patience that the teacher had moved me deeply,and,I think no matter what job we do,nothing is mmore important than the love of it,and on the base of that,we must do the job with heart.Mr.Clark is a real teacher who is respnsble for his job and his students.I have cried at three plots in the movie,the one is when Mr.Clark was found out ill and continue teaching from video,another is when he appeared before Tyshawn after the boy was injured,and the last one is their final celebration.In conclusion,It's the students'change that impressed me.Yeah,That's all.
    • Thank you, Katrina, for your honesty! Those three plots you mentioned are exactly where anyone's emotions are thoroughly tested ... Only Chinese boys show no emotions then! But to their defense, I must admit that when I was at school, we boys also would have rather died than shedding a tear in front of a class half-full of girls! It's only when we grew up and became adults that we realized that it is really okay for men to also show emotions (and western women appreciate that as they can then see that men have hearts too!). I personally don't like showing these kind of movies in class, but then, it has such great educational value ..! ;-)

  •    Tonight I watched this movie again ,what I got was that this movie  touched me once again .Mr. clarc is a kind of man with pantience and responsibility!he loves all his "family" equelly .He knows every little child is nauty and  loves playing games!He even believes every one of his "family"has a gift,so he encourage them to do what they wanna do and don't give up!what impressed me deeply was that at the end of the movie, when Tayshawn was  hurted by the big musle man blood on his face and defended out of the house then he come to find him.Tayshawn told him he didn't wothy it(his love),but he still gave he one big warm hug!I almost tear down,he is now really their "father".I learnt a lot!

    • Wow Luo Yuanyuan, you watched the movie again?! I am so impressed with you! I have too watched this movie multiple times as I often show it to some of my classes (there is another similar movie about a female American teacher that I also use) and every time I learn something from it. Oh, and every time I also get tears in the eyes (men in the west are allowed to show their emotions!) as one can't be untouched by this display of humanity in its purest form (selflessly give of yourself to others and care for them deeply). Yes, that episode with Tayshawn was quite dramatic and very moving. Only one who deeply cares, can act like that. Mr Clark's actions toward Tayshawn probably changed his life forever (for good) because he showed the boy what love is. And then Mr Clark follow it up with an award of best artist to Tayshawn. Wow, such perfect wisdom from the teacher!

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    • Thank you, Luo Yuanyuan. I can see this movie's made a deep impression on you too. ;-)

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