Week 13: Wednesday, 13 May 2014

(1) News by Tara

(2) Video lesson: Thoughts from Brazil


1. Classroom: 201 Erya (If mr Li didn't book a mediaroom for Class 1, they will attend the class with Class 2 at 3.55pm on Wednesday. Pse note it is the 4th class).

2. The 3rd picture is of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil where 7 games of the world's biggest sporting event would take place from 12 June to 13 July 2014. Which sporting event is that? And what is famous about that city? What are we going to learn about the video of Brazil?

3. Video to be screened here (and annexures): http://www.englishclub.com/esl-videos/thoughts-from-brazil/nosubs.htm



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    • It is okay; you arranged it with me. About the gays ... I disagree that we don't have the right to review; but I agree that we are not entitled to judge others as we do not have that right. I was taught only one has the right to judge, and that is God.

      I agree with you about the games, though it worked for that guy (José). But I feel very strong about the advantages of social websites for learning English. For example, take this website, English Club. If students take it seriously and spend time weekly on the website using its many features which are all designed to assist the learners of English, their language skills would improve drastically. Sadly very few students are prepared to do that despite hearing that it would help them. And about music, we heard in class today that it would help more effectively when one can look at the lyrics when listening. So, there are various ways. One must just use what is available!

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    • I was wondering why you left Pele's name out of your initial list of famous Brazilian football stars, but at last you mentioned him! Pele was probably the greatest football player of all times. I am surprised that you are attracted to the Christ the Redeemer statue. I also think it is brilliant. Yes, there is a reason for Him stretching His arms out like that. They say it is meant to portray an act of love beckoning the people to come to Him.

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    • Well Bai Ma, if you like watching football, I hope you will enjoy some of the World Cup games. But about that American NFL player (it is not soccer; it is American football they only play in America), I don't know how I can believe you! I haven't heard of one Chinese person that watches American football - and most of them doesn't even know what sport it is and confuses it with soccer (football). So, I am not sure that you really know that gay man ..!

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    • Well Yang Jiandan, the lesson was design to teach about learning English in Brazil; not to learn more about the country as such! The responsibility to read up on Brazil is on the students themselves. But btw, if you play football, I guess you would watch some of the games next month, right?! Hope you would enjoy it; I can't wait myself.

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Yes, Brazil likes her carnivals and hey are crazy about dancing too (specially the samba). Well, if you like the football players, maybe you can have a brief look at some of their games! One thing that I however don't appreciate of soccer players, is that I believe they are absolutely overpaid. I think it is a shame to get the money they get just to do sport (the average pay is between $12 and $30 million per year). But of course, their girlfriends and wives like that ..!

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    • No, I wasn't unprepared. I knew that if I don't hear from you or your assistant, that we would have the two classes together. It doesn't matter. It is actually nice to have the two classes together sometimes as we can have some fun together. I am glad to hear that you like soccer too; so, you can watch with your gf as she said she's also looking forward to it!

  • oh, we have a video class.I know Brazil because it is the biggest country in South America.It is famous for football.And the biggest sporting event  is the World Cup.It is the second time for South America to hold the World Cup since 1978 in Argentina.
    I choose football in PE class this year.Every week, we play football.Although I am not good at it, I think it is interesting.

    As for the news, in fact, I am not in support of gay,of course, I don't discriminate against gay.People who like someone make no mistakes.

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    • Well Nicole, as you are a football player now in the PE class, maybe you'll get some further enthusiasm for the game if you watch a few World Cup games!

      I agree with your sentiments about the gay issue. Read my comment to your classmate if you want to read about my opinion. But what do you mean by, "People who like someone make no mistakes"? I like many people (like you and your classmates!) and I make many mistakes! I liked (and loved) both my ex-wives, but I made terrible mistakes in both my marriages. So, how can your statement be valid then?!

    • In my opinion, people can love others but there are something they can't do.For example,in a marriage, the persons can also love others ,but they should keep it in his or her heart, and regard it as a dream.They shouldn't break a marriage.After all, it is not easy for the couple to meet and get marriaged.So we should cherish the other one in a marriage.It is just my view.

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    • Li Mengdi, if you want to know my thoughts about the gay agenda, read my comment to Xie Xue. But I am shocked that you say you know some friends who are gay. I didn't realize it is becoming so general that it may even exist in our universities ... However, to be honest, if I were a girl today (a younger one, of course!), I believe I would have been gay myself (meaning lesbian - loving another girl) ... And do you know why? Because of what men are doing to the women. I think I would have been a hater of men. Most men are so rotten in my sight, I don't think they deserve decent women (like the girls in our classes and many more). Yes, fortunately I am not female..

      Thank you for trying to access the website and the lesson material. I heard recently why the Internet at times are so slow at the dormitories. They say it is because the students play computer games on such a massive scale and watch so many movies which all use up the allocated download capacity from the service provider. That is why the Internet would be faster over holidays when many students have gone home. So, sorry that you also have to compete with that. I am so glad I am not living in the dormitory any longer as my patience would not have last!

This reply was deleted.