Week 12a: Monday/Wednesday, 5/7 May 2014

(1) Role plays: Describing your company and job

You will talk about your future company and what your role is in the company. Pairs

(2) Continuation of school plays 

Many activities take place on the school grounds like parent-teacher interviews, extra curricular activities, school performances, school projects, and nutrition breaks, etc. Small groups and pairs.


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12 - W12a - Describing your Company and your Job 1.docx

12 - W10a + W12a - Role plays - School issues.pdf

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    • Zhi Huayu, one's ambitions and dreams do not have to be the biggest and brightest in the class. If one has a dream that is smaller than that of other classmates, then it doesn't mean it is less of a dream. It is still a dream and for the student who has that dream, it is still bigger than her/his current position. So, if your dream or wish for yourself is to have a simple life one day which does not include a high-paid job, so be it. At least you may be sure of more peace and less stress. It is about your own life; you don't have to impress other people or submit to their demands. Do what you desire to do and enjoy doing it. :)

  • Haha! I have seen Mr.Bao's comment.He is so modest,Although my goal is establish a company in the future,however,maybe it's the big man help me achieve that goal and I work for him.But I think he will give me a good position,not just drive for him.Ha! For me now,I have made a plan for my career.I like international trade.So I want to do this work when I gtrauate.First,I will work for a international trade company one or two years to get some experience,then,I will work for myself,not set up a company,just soho,two or three years,when I save enough money to establish a international trade company,I will do that,I need to work hard for this big goal,So,I should practice my oral English as much as possible now,it's useful.See you,teacher! 

    • Well, if you are going to follow your dreams, I think it indeed would be mr Bao working for you, and not the other way round! Your planning sounds great. I like the phases in which you have categorized your progress. By the time you are ready to set up your own company (or you and mr Bao's company ..!), you would already have excellent experience in the field of international trade. Yes, it would require hard work, but you know by now you have what it takes to be successful ..! I know you would make it!

      Btw, a way to practice one's oral English, is to start writing the words correctly which one would use in the spoken language ... So, what is the meaning of this word you used, "gtrauate" ..? The website's spell checker would have underlined the incorrect spelling in red to help you to correct it, but you have ignored the spell checker, I guess ..!

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    • Haha Eva, did you believe that boy (your friend)?! He's just told you the opinion of most Chinese men - and they don't like "strong" women! I guess by 'strong' women you mean females who care for and look after themselves, right? China needs more girls like that! A so-called 'strong' woman will be clever to plan her life better, and she will be more disciplined to stick to her daily schedules. She would plan to have sufficient time for her family and her child; she would plan to spend time with her parents (it doesn't have to be every day or even every week - we are not living in a perfect world!); she would not neglect her husband (he would know what is waiting on him anyway as she was 'strong' while they were courting!). If she is 'strong', she will cope with the challenges of life!

      I know the ideal life is that a woman should actually bring the children up and shouldn't need to work, but we live in this imperfect world and it doesn't appear to be possible any longer. Each one has to decide what in life is important to her/him. If you have dreams of a good job one day, you would have to sacrifice some things to achieve that. Maybe you have to marry later in life; maybe you have to move temporarily away from the parents; maybe you would have to get your children later in your life; etc. Some girls would be satisfied with a life of submission to husband, child rearing, house cleaning, serving parents, etc; but I think that can become very frustrating one day especially when the woman is educated. So, be careful with the planning of your life, Eva. Remember, you only live this life once ..! :)

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    • Shan Tianqi, have you read the attachments before commenting? Well, it sounds right to plan one's job carefully, but when you get there where you do job hunting, will there be time for careful planning as sometimes one has to take what one can get ..? Btw, what is the meaning of "graguate"? The spell checker would have underlined that word to you in red so that you can correct it, but you didn't. Why not, Shan Tianqi? ;-)

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    • I agree that it may be better to work for the state-owned enterprises as far as job security is concerned, but to my knowledge, they are also often as corrupt as the civil service. Pity that many students don't have much of a choice one day as they need to get the jobs, and when they work for those companies, the negative influences would eventually get to them too. But I also agree that one needs enough time for one's family too, and to live one's life to the full.

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    • Wow Li Ningning, you have a BIG dream! Look above the quote I gave to Yunping about dreaming big. Your dream is near to scary; so, I guess it is big enough (according to Mike Horn)! But it also sounds great! I sincerely hope that dream can materialize as it would benefit so many young lives. It may not be easy and you may get much opposition from the traditional and conservative people (parents, educators and government) as it sounds you are going to revolutionize the principles of teaching (it surely needs it)! But don't let that put you off. Let that be more motivation to make your dream come true. I am getting excited for you! Listen, I am giving you an instruction now ... stay on qq with me and let me know of your progress, please! I will surely be interested to follow your endeavors to realize your great dream! :)

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    • Well He Yang, if that is your dream to work one day in the designing and fashion industry, follow that dream! Maybe you and your brothers and sisters can start your own clothing or fashion business one day; it sounds exciting! Dream big (like Yunping)! :)

      Btw, is Yunping your sister, as I have just realized that you share the same family name?! So, maybe one day you'll work together in the same big company!

  • when i was a child i have a very big dream.i want to work in a very big company,and be a manager or other officer.but it is just a dream not reality.as i grow up,i don't know about my future company.maybe the company that i will work in the future there are hundreds of employees.at first,i will start from the grassroots.and with my hard work i maybe come true my childhood's dream.haha,,,

    i like to talk about some issue with my classmates.when i have free time,i always talk about the issue happened around us with my roommate.really like it.

    • Yunping, a South African, Mike Horn, who has crossed the North Pole on foot and traveled solitary around the Artic Circle on foot and by boat, once said the following: "A life without challenges, is no life. If your dreams do not scare you, then they aren't big enough". So, don't let the size of your dream scare you! Go for that big company! And yes, you are realistic: in a big company one normally starts from the bottom and work yourself up. Starting salary would also be low, but there is no other honest way. Just believe in yourself and do your best in everything you do, and I believe you will succeed. :)

      When you discuss those issues with your roommate, do you do it in English ..?! I hope so! ;-)

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