Week 12a: Monday/Wednesday, 5/7 May 2014

(1) Role plays: Describing your company and job

You will talk about your future company and what your role is in the company. Pairs

(2) Continuation of school plays 

Many activities take place on the school grounds like parent-teacher interviews, extra curricular activities, school performances, school projects, and nutrition breaks, etc. Small groups and pairs.


1. Sorry, the pictures didn't want to lone up correctly today. :(

2. Students, I am asking you for the last time to read the attachments before you comment. And those who didn't implement Tony's advice earlier about how to open attachments here, pse speak to him again and show some respect through your cooperation. Thank you.



12 - W12a - Describing your Company and your Job 1.docx

12 - W10a + W12a - Role plays - School issues.pdf

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  • Actually,when I was a little kid, I imagined that my future career. I like to do something i want to do, such as open a tea house, or a bookstore or something. I think first of all ,you should  like their own work, to get the job done. Then I feel I am a man of freedom, so I like my job for free.
    As for the school play, I prefer the form of pta, come to think of it is very interesting, we can play a parent, understand their ideas, to think of it is very cool.

    • Well Zhang Cong, as your gf doesn't want to be a super woman with a high-level job any longer, maybe she may join you when you open that tea house or bookstore one day ..! And as you friend, Huang Guodong said, a man with his own business, has freedom! So, you may have much freedom in doing that (though it may not make you a millionaire one day!) and sufficient time to spend with your family. Maybe you can read my comment to HGD as I mentioned your name there .. :)

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    • Your classmate, Huang Guodong, said the same - he wants that freedom that accompanies being ones own boss. So, I hope for your sake you may find the finances to open your own hotel soon and that you don't have to work for many years until you have saved enough money. Sometimes it can take a lifetime to save enough money for a business ...

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    • Well, I think foreign teachers in China have too many holidays (I'm serious)! So, I may shock you when I say that I don't like holidays as they are my most boring times in China! However, I am surviving them every time and I've lived through the last one too to meet you in the next class! I agree there would be much freedom working for yourself one day. And opening a bakery sounds like a smart idea! I noticed the bakeries are getting more popular in China lately (maybe they've always been?) and that is great, because us foreigners like bakeries as they sell such nice delicacies there (also called delicatessen). But of course, one needs money to start a business and that may not happen directly after entering the job market. So, you may have to work for a number of years first before you can start your own business; but then you mat even get the opportunity to work yourself up and get the satisfaction of a senior position you have worked for (and not 'paid' for like many guys are doing). Btw, I'm happy that you and Zhang Cong gave a good performance today with that short role play (though you both need much work on those pronunciations!). Thank you.

  • Zhang Qian, what is PubMed? Then you said you want to work for a state-owned enterprise, but then you mentioned working for a foreign trade company. So, which one do you want to work for?! I hope you would decide on the latter as all the enterprises linked to the state are corrupt, and they corrupt their employees too. So, don't sell your soul for money. Rather get a lower salary, but at least you can sleep at night (meaning your conscience is not worrying you every day because of the dishonesty ..); and you'll have much more job satisfaction too. :)

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    • Well Annabel, some students would find working in a bank very boring, but thank heavens there are people like you who would like working there and helping us with our money! There are people for all jobs in life (even those who only sweep the streets, I admire, because who would do that if they don't do it?). So, I am glad that you may work in a bank one day. I would trust bankers like you! ;-)

      About the disaster in Afghanistan, it is of course really heartbreaking as their country has been destroyed by the war and currently the Muslim radicals are killing the moderates through bombs and gun assaults; and now this. It is so sad. But about the rescuers, I think many of those rescue teams have been trained in rescuing people. They however do not have control over nature's actions. I think the most discouraging thing for a rescuer must be when he wants to rescue people, but the forces of nature are so strong against them, that they have to wait for better conditions or risk their own lives and die themselves. Like that diver who died yesterday as he was searching for more bodies at the sunken Korean ferry; he underestimated the current and has paid the ultimate price. And so have all those rescuers when the second landslide unexpectedly hit them when busy rescuing people from the first landslide. So sad.

  • Oh,that's very sweet to receive your reply every time.

    But now I have to say the truth.(Because I don't want to cheat you.)

    Previously I could see the photos and the attachments all the time.

    And I did it.

    But this time I came to comment,I can't see any photos and attachments on here.

    I'm very panic.

    But I have no choice.

    I just have looked for a lot of methods to deal with this problems.

    But it didn't work.(Actually I master computer to a certain extent.)

    And I also attempt to use the method provided by Tone.

    It also doesn't work.

    I think I can find another method to solve it.

    But now,I must make a comment with you.

    Because it's too late that our dormitory will cut power,

    then I can't use computer.

    I think my situation is because I have restored my computer to initial settings.

    But I have known about contents of tomorrow class via other people's comments.

    So you needn't worry about I won't be aware of what will we do tomorrow.

    Sorry John.

    I must apology for my fault.

    I will repair it ahead of next class.

    Hope you can forgive me.

    Dear John,see you tomorrow.

    • Haha, thank you for your honesty! I have the same feeling that your problem might be because you have restored your PC to it's original settings (what they call the 'default' settings). So, re-install the software Tony has suggested and that may just be helpful again. Thank you for listening to some of the contributions of the other students today. I know I can often ask your opinion about their contributions as you generally give attention (if I'm not mistaken!). And of course, in my view, if one listens what other students have to say (even knowing that their English is not very good to really help you), you also show them that you respect them and their contributions. I hope you can influence the rest of the boys too in this area! If one can learn how to respect others in small things, just imagine what will happen when one gets to face the bigger issues in life ...  :)

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    • Well Yang Lingling, I agree with you that being a lawyer is a respectable and noble job (sorry, it is supposed to be!), but I am happy for you that it was only a school dream and that you have abandoned that idea. Why? Because in China it is not such a good idea, I believe, as the honest lawyers are getting severely discriminated against as the justice system here is of a different standard (amongst others, magistrates and judges are seldom legally qualified and they get prescribed by politicians to reach certain verdicts in most cases). I guess you are also aware of that. It must be greatly demoralizing and discouraging to be a lawyer here. So, I'll support you wholeheartedly if you want to become a teacher one day! But, are you in the right field (your major) to become a teacher? Again I hope so for your sake! But you said your school would not be the traditional school ... Does one get schools in China that are allowed to be not traditional?! Or maybe you are contemplating teaching abroad? Whatever, follow your dream; I believe that if the teacher's heart is right, teaching is a noble job! ;-)  

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    • Well, I hope you will get your planning job one day, Yang Yujia. Normally that's what the managers do as part of their responsibilities, but I guess you can get a specific job as company planner too (not sure though!). Btw, you end off with a good intention ... My question is however whether you did apply that in class?! And did you get some views good enough for good reflection? :)

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