How many expressions can you find?

Hi, guys! 

I stumbled on this painting recently. You know something? This is no ordinary painting! It is said that there are about 300 expressions (idioms, proverbs, phrases, etc.) hidden in it. I spotted a good few of them in less than a minute, as a matter of fact! Believe it or not, I was very much intrigued by the challenge so I started to make a list of the expressions that flashed on me. Guess what! I have 86 expressions on my list at this moment in time and it will grow, I think! 

Now, I would like you to join in the fun! How about that? It’s going to be one hell of an amusement, I can assure you! Well! This is exactly what I want you to do:  

           1. Scrutinize the various images on the painting for expressions that you could think out of them.
           2. List all your expressions either on a piece of paper or a Word document.
           3. Pick ONLY ONE expression from your list and type it in the comment box.   
               Important: You MUST GIVE…                
                                 a) …the meaning of your expression.                
                                 b) …a sentence with the expression used in it.
           4. Wait for someone else to post the next expression here.

           5. Now you can type your second expression along with the meaning and a sentence.

Note:   Any contribution with MORE THAN ONE expression at a time will be  DELETED!
              .Sorry, guys!  I just want to make sure that there is ROOM FOR EVERYONE.
              .So, please cooperate with me by adhering to the rules I've set. Thank you!

Okay, let me start the ball rolling! 

                      Idiom     ..:  ..let the cat out of the bag
                      Meaning :   to tell a secret carelessly or by mistake  
                      Sentence :   Everybody in the office knows that I had a windfall
                                           .because my best friend let the cat out of the bag

*My expression is an idiom  as mentioned! Please tell us what your expression is  -  it could be an idiom,
  proverb, phrase, metaphor, etc.)
Tips: You can see the painting on a large scale if you click on it. Clicking on the image again will make
it even larger!    
Every expression that is given by you will be added to a list.  You can refer to the list to check whether
the expression that you’ve come up with has already been posted by someone else. Have fun!   
TOTAL number of expressions given so far:  410

Click HERE if you want to go through the list of expressions!


Top Three members who contributed
the most number of expressions after the 200 expressions:
Our New Target: 300 expressions


                              Marik  - 29                   Galina - 28                    Asma - 19

I'll announce who the winners are once we have 300 expressions on the above list!
The winners will be presented with beautiful virtual trophies!
The trophies will be sent to your page!

Your Task:
Give me the expression that is depicted in this image!
You must also give the meaning and a sample sentence.

[ Idiom solved by Ha Nguyen ]

Click HERE to see the Day we Made History!





Thank you to each and every one of you from the bottom

of my

for making this possible!

"You guys are simply the Best"  


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I take great pleasure in dedicating this blog to the lovely Hala JM!
She introduced my 'Question Tags' game to her students.
They, according to her, had a blast playing the game!

Thank you, Hala, for appreciating my work!
Click on the image if you want to get to know her better.

 You'll be amazed to see that she is truly a wonderful person!

~* GS *~ 

December, 8th. 2012

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  • Dear Gabriel,


  • Dear Gabriel,

    After along time i have come to greet EC and your blog attracted my attention.what a great memory you engraved on my mind which i never forget.My dearest friend,Galina, you , many dear friends and I spent a great time on this challenging game...I'm sure i learnt a lot and it would be a great idea to review all of them once more...and I'm happy its going to be an ever-lasting game!

    Wish you all the best

  • I mean that people in this picture are very active.

  • Sweeping under the rug.

    Meaning to try to hide a problem or keep a problem secret instead of dealing with it.

    The evidence was recorded by the camera and the police couldn't swept it under the rug.

  • Hi how are you..? how can i join you in this challenge ? 

  • Hi eveyone. I think that's a hard and interesting work.Because I'm not a native speaker I can't catch quicly all idioms expressions especially in this picture i'ts difficult to find them,but I have something that I have known. The first one is:pull your leg.The meaning is to joke with someone.Example : Is that true?

                                       No,I was just pulling your leg


  • woooooooooooooooooooooow really amazing :) i like it thanks for great blog i need to read it more than more :) have lovely day :) 

  • It's truly amazing! This is an excellent way to learn popular English expressions :) 


  • omg real good job ! thanx I will check in again . 

  • great.... i was actually searching for these idioms only.... now i feel that i am very much late to this club.....

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