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  • Ini akan menjadi kesenagan saya. Kamu selalu terbuka teman ku! Saya siap untuk kamu Sangee Gulton. I will be ready to teach Arabic from zero, beginner and advanced level. Tell me when you are free, and we can start. I will be glad to. 

  • Thank you Sanggee for accept my friend request.. :)

  • OMG! Sanggee! You surprised me with your photo! I can see real orangutans! Wow! I've never seen them like that! It seems I'm in the forest watching them. It's so exciting! At first I thought these are squirrels but then understood....Thanks for such amazing photo. I think you should upload it and share with MyEC.

    Do they come to people! Are they dangerous?

    Best wishes.


    SURPRISE! Pictures, Images and Photos

  • Dear, Sanggee!

    Thanks for your friend request. I'm very glad to be your friend. You're a very positive and kind person. Hope I'll learn a lot of interesting things about Indonesia....

    Wish you all the best!


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  • Hello, Sanggee!

    It's so kind of you to like the photo of me and my students. I also like this's so cheerful and it reminds me about my students....thank you, Sanggee!

    How're you doing? What's new in your EC "Deli"?

    Wish you peaceful days filled with happiness!


    great day Pictures, Images and Photos


  • Hello sanggee!

    Wishing you for great weekend! :)

  • Hello, Sanggee!

    Nice to hear from you! I'm very glad that you like my blog about peace. Does it mean that you support me and believe in peace on our planet?

    Ok, how're the things in your English club? Hope everything is ok.

    Wish you peace, love and harmony!


    happiness Pictures, Images and Photos


  • Hello Sanggee! 

    It's my pleasure to be your friend. I'm glad you like my blogs, please if you like to share your thought, I would be happy.

    Reading though your blogs and it's really awesome, specially Kenya and Uganda article. I would share some of thoughts later on, right now needs to go outside. 


    Thank you so much for friend request. Nice to meet you!
    Wishing you for Lovely Day! :)
  • No problem, comment in the coming one ^ _ *

    It is my pleasure to have as one too.

  • hi welcome! nice to b friend with u!
This reply was deleted.

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