Social Experiment

Hello all my friends

I just tried so hard and made a funny and awkward social experiment video. If you just take the time to watch it and like it that would help me a lot. I will really appreciate it and will be thankful.


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I need support

Hello guys,

I made a hyperlapse video about my university campus. I have worked really hard for that and I would really appretiate it if you guys can watch it and give it a like if you enjoyed.

That will really help me and give me…

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bahman commented on bahman's video
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  • Mutashakirim Bahman! Are you afraid of horror movies? Please, see Dracula. Thanks. 

  • ty
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  • Halet chetore Bahman, va mamnoon! can you see my blog, paradoxes and give me your point of view? Thanks!

  • thanks!
  • Khaili mamnoon Bahman. I really liked that nice gift. What can I say? Thank you, Bahman! 

  • Dear bahman

    I watched video with curiosity that I would have some useful information about beauty places in Tehran. Btw having watched it, it seems to me as if this park is used for dating, isn't it?

    Beautiful park I enjoy watching it.

    Thank you for the invitation.
  • Dear bahman,

    Thanks for the friend request, I'm pleased to accept.

  • Hello bahman

    Thank you for the video, it is an artificial garden, I like natural and wilderness gardens.

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