Spring in the North

Today was a great day! It finally has become warm once again after a very long winter.I have seen several birds that have returned after flying south for the winter. Their lovely songs are such a delight to hear. And flowers are beginning to bloom…
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Looking Forward

Greetings to everybody!

A new year and a new decade is here! For many, the last decade was dismal and we look forward, with hope and promise, to a new decade of peace and…

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Christmas in the USA

Christmas is a very special holiday in the USA. It is especially meaningful for children. And I am sure you can understand why. Children receive presents; they have to behave really well so that Santa Claus will visit their home on Christmas Eve and…
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LizAnn commented on Fizzy's blog post ~ Chpt 20 : Cat's show ~
"The cats are beautiful, but I don't like to see them in cages."
May 9, 2019
LizAnn commented on Fizzy's blog post ~ Chpt 20 : Cat's show ~
"I love the cats, but I don't like to see them in cages!"
May 9, 2019
LizAnn commented on Fizzy's blog post ~ Wordless Wednesday ~
"Oh dear! What happened in this picture? Were you driving? Or is it just a picture of an accident?"
May 9, 2019
LizAnn commented on Fizzy's blog post ~ Chpt 23 : I come in peace (^-^)? ~
"This is beautiful. The story is wonderfull and the pictures are unbelieveable. Thanks for sharing."
May 9, 2019
LizAnn left a comment for Aali
"How are you? How is life in Iraq? Are you a student or do you work?"
May 9, 2019
LizAnn commented on Nadiyah's blog post A Stupid Man
"WOW! The guy may never get out of there, or will he? Crime doesn't pay, especially if you get too…"
May 9, 2019
LizAnn left a comment for Aali
"Hi Aali,
How is life in Qum? What do you do there? and what is the weather lilke now. We still have…"
May 9, 2019
LizAnn left a comment for ahmed amer
"Hi Ahmed, How are you? How is your new job? Are you still working very long hours and nights? We…"
May 9, 2019

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  • I'm new on this site and I'm looking friends who would like to improve english by writting and speaking, this is my skype " niitro_peru " try to add me to share experiences  and be good friends bye .

  • Hi

    I like to have a friend as u to improve my english.

    Please add me in skype

    id: "piniker.kien"

    Thanks for your attention.

  • Liz, than q for ur mail, nice 2 meet u , regards..sethumenon
  • hi!
    I'm chaithika from sri lanka....
    I just want to improve my speaking skills!
    I can teach chess and magics,
    If u are interested in chess or magics plz add me on skype.
    my ID is " chaithika1".
    all I want is to learn english and make some good friends @ the same time. bye

  • -Nadiyah-
  • I live in Bangalore, Karnataka. I am post graduate degree holder with English Literature as my specialization subject. I'm working as a Trainer here in Bangalore. what about you? where u put up? Your professional details?, etc. Delete Comment
  • Hi,
    How are you?
  • hi im ravi from andhra pradesh in india
    im working as finance executive in social service organisation
    about u
  • hi liza n. about your queastion i t needs to say that i have plaaned for next year to study in may major which is industrial engeeniering ,i forgot to tell you next my next univercity degree will be m a if i can succeed in my ieltsexam in iran. my sister is studying computer ther now. she has told me about situation a little . but i get happy if you tell me more about information which you have about sweden.
  • hi liz ann thats my honor to be freand with you , i have studid industrial engeenerin and im working as manager of control project department . my country is iran ,and i have planned to move to sweden in next year , what about you.tell me about yorself more
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