Dear friends ,

I will post some of the important tips  about the tenses of the verbs in simple and clear way.  At the end of every tense ,you can try yourself to answer here some exercises  related to every tense...

I hope these lessons can help you all to avoid some mistakes ...

   Let's start :)

                          The simple present tense

    Usage :

we use the simple present tense :

1-To talk about activities that we repeat regularly..routines and habits :

     - He drinks two cups of coffee every day.

      -I usually walk for an hour in the morning.

2-To talk about general truth and facts :

     - The moon goes round the earth.

     - Famous people suffer from alot of stress.

3-To talk about future official events or timetables which we can't change it:

   -The next school term starts in September .

   -We can't begin the meeting until he arrives.

So the most important rule is that we use the simple present for permanent states,facts ,routines ,give definitions and describe things .


In statements we add " s" or "es"  to the verb , in the third person singular"He -she -it ".


we use the following time adverbials with this tense :

always- usually- regularly-often-sometimes-rarely-seldom-once a( month )...

every(day) ,every ( morning).......etc.

  - He regularly swims and plays tennis .

  - They travel to London every summer.


1- Give three sentences using the simple present tense in negatives .

2- Give three sentences using the simple present in questions.

   Waiting for your answers as comments

    Thank you

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  • I don't like coffee.

    I never like wasting time.

    She never thinks about him.

    Does she like him?

    Is it good?

    Do you like this new School?

  • Thank you dear AReality for reading and sharing your correct answers ! 

    Best wishes !

  • Thank you dear AReality for reading and sharing your correct answers ! 

    Best wishes !

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    • @ Myth :

      - The sun does not rise from the west .

      -I usually don't visit river Ganges with others .

      -Ram doesn't tell a lie .


      -What does she do (or any other verb :cook -play -watch....)

      -Where does the train depart?

      Thank you for sharing ,Best wishes !

  • I don't hate living alone.

    I never spend my free time playing games online. 

    She isn't that good at speaking in English.

    Do I attend free English class in this site ?

    Are you a native teacher ?

    Do I practice my speaking by voice chat ?

    • @Pyae :Thank you for sharing your sentences, they are correct ,but pay attention please to those sentences : 

      - She is not that good at speaking in English . (without in)

      -Do I attend a free English class in this site ?

      Best wishes !

  • Hala ,I enjoy reading your friends' comments here .Thank you for being a good teacher .

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    • Thank you Sarah for reading and commenting ! You are absolutely right ! Grammar can't depend only on rules but also on exercises ,sometimes we understand the rule but we make mistakes when we apply it on the sentence ,that's why practicing with exercises is the best way!

      Thanks again Sarah ! I wish you a nice day !

  • Dear my teacher,

    I'm so late for this lesson, but i want to try it :)

    Could you correct my mistakes. 

    Exercise 1:

    1. She doesn't get up at 6 o'lock everyday.

    2. The water doesn't boil under 100 Celsius degree.

    3. They aren't here now.

    Exercise 2:

    1. How often do you go to cinema?

    2. What do you do?

    3. Don't you know him?

    • @ Scarlett: You are welcome!

      All your answers are correct ..Thank you for sharing!

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