Ten Important Hints on Writing

1- Before writing anything make a short plan of your entire  composition ,using any help ( pictures -videos - quotes .....)

2-Use only words and constructions with which you are familiar, or use  some help from  good dictionaries to look up the new words and how you can use them correctly in the context of your writing.

3-Avoid flowery and pompous language .  The best writers of English  express themselves in simple and clear language .

4-Avoid abbreviations. The place for these are in notes and chats.

5-Make your writing interesting by illustrating what you say with examples.

6- Do not begin writing a sentence until you know how it will continue  and end .

7-Begin a paragraph for each new topic .

8-Pay close attention to mechanical skills ( grammar-spelling and 


9-Do not switch tenses of the verbs unless the sense requires you to .

10- Check your work thoroughly .

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  • Thanks Hala,

    Very good information for catching the quality ;)

    By the way, good to see you again, take care


    • Thank you dear Selma for passing by , nice to see you again ,too!

      Best wishes my dear friend!

  • Some true facts about writting in English were placed in this helpful text. Congratulations  teacher Hala for it!

    • Thank you Daniel for reading ! These tips are so helpful in writing and always the simple writing can be more correct and effective .

      " Famous writers always express themselves in a simple and clear language ".

      You are welcome ,dear Daniel !

  • Thanks dear teacher Hala for your good topics but I wanna ask :

    I always use my own words that are always repeated in my writing but I feel that my writing  has the same vocabs so the same flavor ... It is my problem in writing , so is it better to use synonym dictionary to have new words?


    • @ Bright- rubies:

      I think synonym dictionary can help you ,but you have to pay attention to the examples and the general context ,some synonym can't give you the exact meaning!

      Learning more vocabularies can be by:

      -Reading .It's the key in developing new vocabularies .

      -Read and memorize with the use of new words regularly .

      -Try to write aside the new words and study it consistently and use them in sentences from time to time then day by day your vocabularies will increase .

      Thank you for sharing your comment ! Best wishes dear !

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    • @Ayushi :

      Thanks to you too for passing by!

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    • @Ha :

      Thank you dear for reading! As I see you are a good learner so you are not careless and your writing is really good !

      Keep it up ! :)

  • Very helpful! Thanks a bunch for always sharing such helpful tips, dear! :)

    • @ Rajesh : 

       your determination to improve  is really admirable ! you never miss a chance to learn .

      I wish you all the best dear !

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