The title is self-explanatory. Say what movies you like and why you like them. They can be English or foreign with English subtitles. Anime movies are welcome.

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  • The Sound of music. Definitely. Loved it. Hhh...
  • "Ex Machina". (trailer)
    Give it a try. A pretty nice one. Beautiful robot...artificial intelligence interacting with a human being...
  • I like comedy, so I recommend one of the best I have ever seen: little miss sunshie. Its a hilarious movie with a strong message, with beautiful emotional moments and a lot of laughs, of course.
  • Today, on the flight back to my hometown, I watched the movie named "Green as it gets". I don't think this movie so popular but I really love this kind of movie. You will be inspired by the beautiful landscape of German. So spectacular!
  • As good as it gets.. The best of the best films I've seen in my life.."You make me I wanna be a better man"... " It's a probably the best compliment I've ever heard in my life"
    • So what is the name of it? I am interested.
  • Salt, Knight and day are my fevorits..
  • hey i am asad . I want ot improve my spoken english. any one can add me on your skype  Skype id asad.uzzaman15 

  • one of the bests : IN to the Wild

  • The Pursuit of Happyness is one of the best movies

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La La Land - Your choice

Hello everyone. Have you ever watched La La Land (starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone)? If not, I strongly recommend you take it. I just watched it once again yesterday and still enjoyed it so much. When it was released in my country (Vietnam), many of the young have found themselves in the two main characters - stuck between chasing your career or staying by the one you love. If you have watched it already, was there any way out of this in your opinion?I'd love to listen.

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hachi a dog's tale

                                                                                                                                                                             Hachi a dog's tale                                       I had seen hachi a dog's tale movies.It is a true story of a college professor's bond with the abandoned dog he takes into his home.I really like pet after this movies.i had emotional and wonderful movies So i shared to you about good movies.I hope you will see.

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wreck it ralph

it's an animation movie .. it's wonderful and creative movie it talks about our role in life even if we were bad guys .. it shows the life of a video game character which is bad in the game but good in it's own life 

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