Photo Challenge: My Thoughts, My Photo

Welcome to our photo challenge! I hope everything is working well with you. This activity is about using your own photo and adding description using your thoughts and ideas. It’s basically one of the ways to challenge ourselves to describe our photos using words, phrases and figures of speech to improve vocabulary.

Furthermore, it’s exciting to exaggerate the sentences to add humor, drama or even horror in our writings. It doesn’t have to be lengthy. A few sentences would do.

Here’s how to participate;

1. Upload your own photo in our photo gallery. Please use your own photo otherwise it will not be approved.

2. Provide descriptions (very important) to your photo using your own thoughts and ideas. Do not use profane or insulting words. Nevertheless, be creative (sky’s the limit)!

3. Name your photo- Photo Challenge: My Thoughts, My Photo

4. You can check out our photo guidelines as a reminder. 

It’s easy as 1,2,3 right?

I’m looking forward to your participation and wishing you the best of luck! Happy learning!

Here’s my participation


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  • I like such a challenge, great job!  I recently came across an article that changed my mind about the world of photography and stock images. For my project, I needed stock photos and I was pleasantly surprised me What drew my attention right away was the amount and distinctiveness.

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  • That's a nice little challenge, Robbie. I'm really not much of a writer... but I'll try to post something tomorrow. Thanks for all your engagement here! :-)



    • Thank you very much for your participation, NotAClue! Cheers! :)



    Photo Challenge: My Thoughts, My Photo
    The sounds of splashing water, gives calm to the heart.The view of swimming fish, streches lips to make a smile.How can I ignore this?
  • This is my entry, Robbie. :)

    • Yay! So pleased to see your participation. Thanks a lot! Cheers! :)


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