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Photo Challenge: My Thoughts, My Photo


I painted my emotions in blue… I thought I would be sad soon, but the horizon says ‘not today’. The skies reverberated in multiple hues, making my heart beats like sunny dew. I smiled and apparently, the golden blossoms have started opening. The Alamanda flowers were whispering at me. I heard the song of praises that tickled me a bit.

In broad daylight, I handpicked its pieces and assembled them perfectly to mend my tired mind. Then the bouquet of colors became an instant gratification. The cool breeze and splashes of comfort were refreshing … The wings of joyfulness are never far from reach.

The waves of vivid yellows and blues were serene as if I was resting on a sea of clouds. The sunbeam has scattered around me like a thousand of tiny candles which brighten up the mood. Shall I remain steadfast as much as I could? If it was a dream then I don’t want to wake up. As I gazed to the skies a couple of times, I could finally understand what the horizon was about…

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  • Kamosta mod. Robbie. You know, we have a saying, "if you don't have something, you can't give" The previous photo of mod. Onee and yours tell us something about nature. In our country, we do not have such beautiful sceneries. Of course, we have the Nile River and its beauty. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi, Dara!

      I'm doing good! How about you? The photo is from my tiny garden and what can I say, I'm a certifired nature lover! I believe every country has something wonderful to offer, not necessarily lovely sceneries. Sometimes, people's hospitality and positive traits to other nationalities and visitors earn them much respect.

      Thank you for commenting. Have a terrific weekend!


  • Sometimes, I also thought of something when I see a certain view. Sometimes it goes far beyond the picture.

    Nice idea, Robbie. I will try but I'm afraid just to share a few words.

    • Hi, Onee!

      Please bear with my late reply. The comments here did not appear in my page as well as the people who liked this photo. Buy anyway, thank you again for your participation. Have a great weekend!


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