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Dear Gosh,This one's for you. Do you know how to CONJUGATE? Do you know when it's LESS or FEWER? Do you know that when you say "I COULD care less" that means you DO care, at least a little? Are you a fan of OXFORD COMMA (a, b, c, and d)? Get your letters together. Do not write "RUBC?" when you mean "Are you busy?" (I do this all the time, LOL!) Do not put quotation marks for "emphasis". Do not write words using numbers. No X in espresso. Say "to whoM" not "to who". If you have an "it" know when to put apostrophe s. Know the difference - when you're doing GOOD or you're doing WELL, that IRONY is not coincidence, what's FIGURATIVE and what's LITERAL.Hope you get some enlightenment out of this video like I did. Let's learn grammAr not grammEr. (^,^)Sincerely Kidding,Ohnie"Word Crimes" is Weird Al Yankovic's new parody of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines".***Parody is a humorous or satirical (sarcastic) imitation of a serious piece of literature/writing/song.

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  • LOL, I enjoyed the song and now can't remember what is the lyrics about. Thanks for sharing Ohnie!

  • this song is made for me

  • nice

  • Ohnie super, thanks

  • Love it!

  • nice..very creative and innovative..

  • love it!

  • word crime, thinking to do it again :D

  • Ohhh...by golly!  Awesome poem.  Did you make it yourself or did you plagiarize it?  LOL!  But it is really good.  Love it not only a thousand times but a minion times. (^,^)  Thank you.  I was giggling rapping it up to the beat of "Blurred Lines" which turned into the "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?"  LOL again!  By the way, here's your banana along with your portrait.  Looks exactly like you, huh.  Meet minion Behgosh.  I think I did a good job creating him, heheh


  • Love it! Netizens and mobile-phone users should really watch this clip. Thanks for sharing!

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