Let´s start blogging !!!

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I decided to post this blog, to record myself, to help some people here on MY EC to start blogging and tried to sum up some useful tips I concider important

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  • Hi, Luci

    your video is really great and you gave us very good tips for writting improvement.

    i enjoyed a lot with your video

  • It's amazing Luci, your english is great. You're very articulate, I really enjoyed the video. Those are very useful tips. On the other hand I see you don't mumble, which is something I have to struggle with. I like some much the backstage, I think it se very European to video-clip from the kitchen. My congrats once more.

  • nice video thanks a lot

  • that's so good. thanks for sharing 

  • It is interesting video.I also have some problem like you when I write blog. I gree with you that it is difficult to wite something on blog at the first time. How to make it interesting, correct grammar and tense. Sentences and paragraphs have good tructure, and so on. Your video is encouraging me wiriting more and more. Thank you for your video. Have a good day !

  • the video is inspiring.....

  • Useful stuff! :)

  • Haha Mam thanks for tips...
    btw how can you manage your time :)

  • you have a  good vocal cord and a good tips you have shared. 

  • ~Marvelous~

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