A lover's letter

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  • I translated it for you dear Nadira. Happy that you like it.
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  • Great dearest sis, and  thank you so very much  for the  lyrics.


    It is poetic  and  magical  yes dancing on the moon! :))

  • My dear sweetheart

    After my longings I sent you greetings and tenderous love

    My eyes light

    My heart soulmate

    My lover

    My life

    I miss your eyes

    I miss you although I have just met you

    In the middle of my longing Oh my love!

    In the middle of the night

    I write to you

    No! No! My heart is writing to you

    My heart is sending you

    The night awaked my heart

    And the longing pushed it to write

    To write to you

    To write about what is hidden for long times

    Describe to you its love,its nights longings

    I cannot bear being away from you a second

    No! No! My love

    I do not know how to taste life

    No! No! My love

    I want you! want you for good

    Oh my love!

    I don't want continious longings more

    Oh my love!

    I want you! want you becide me

    To irrigate and dring from my love

    And never know wether we are yesterday or tomorrow

    Nor distinguish my heart's beatings from yours

    And finally

    I wish you peace, tender love with longings and passion

    From a heart that lost peace and sleep

    Your lover's heart

    Dedicated and translated for my dearest Nadira with all my love.
  • I am looking for the english lyrics for you and if anyone can help, I will be thankful.
  • oh!

    Dear sister Nadira, you're not understanding and if you do you will feel on the moon. Very poetic!

    Abdelhalim was, is and will always be the lovers voice through time. He was named the worshiped by lovers or fans. He just speaks our hearts words so easily so that anyone can identify him or herself in his songs and dance a slow dance with love.


  • oops no interpretation , your keeping me in suspense lol what the contents are dearest sis ;)
  • woah how romantic  lucky she :(   ........



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