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A part of my garden

I love gardening. 

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  • It seems all the plants are unknown to me. Having a garden is luxurious nowadays, everybody can't afford it. Thanks or sharing.

  •   It is very beautiful  dear Rose  . I think gardening  is a great hobby and you are an expert in it 👍

  • Awesome garden 

  • What a gorgeous garden, thank you for sharing! I love small flowers, they are the  spring's diamonds!

  • Part of your garden? It's not exactly a tiny or boring garden but more like a sort of Disneyland...

      Congratulations, you look after it greatly.

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    • Yes, Ella, there is a hedge that gives more intimacy. That is important to me, because the garden is just one among many others.

      In time of spring, the plants and flowers are still small. They will grow now. 


  • beautiful garden..  

    • Thanks, Fizzy. 

  • Shoner garten, Rose! I like it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rose, you seem to have a nice big garden. I hope I can have the similar soon. ^^

    I love to see it. Thank you for sharing.

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