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  • Poke!

  • so when do u really show up here :////// ???

  • Hey Yo! :D

    unfortunately , still alive :D

    P.S: nice music

  • Ajab avatari *_*:P

  • Yohoo Kasper Lieutenant :D 
    sorry to disappoint you, but I am still alive :D 
     I am glad that someone out there is still remembering me 

  • I'm not a dude!I wonder when you'll realize that! :D 

  • Where are you man ? Still alive ????????

  • What's up man , disappear again from the ground ... I hope you are okay.


  • what's up kasper ... no hi no bye ... busy with ur life i know ... just stay cool .. and enjoy it ... i think no one asked about you here :D btw ... glad to hear some of the old school ... keep it numb :D see ya 

  • Hiya Dude ... where are you ? I hope you didn't buy a ticket to hell ... 

    Nowadays I am listening to Persian songs ... what a shame ... Almost all Persian don't like it :D 

    have good time.

This reply was deleted.

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